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Mini GPS Vehicle Tracker

Mini GPS Vehicle Tracker
Mini GPS Vehicle Tracker
Mini GPS Vehicle Tracker works on GSM/GPS based network. The device tracks your precious assets on a real-time basis. It can locate the position of your belongings to which it is attached. It gives LEDs (red/blue/green) status of the device. LED shows the status of battery, GPS signal, GSM signal and GPRS on-line etc. The specialty of the device is that it has a magnet on rear side, therefore, it can be attached to any metal surface. It has an SOS button which is an emergency call button. Whenever you will press the SOS button, it will send the exact GPS location through SMS. Another important feature of this device is that it can set a specific area as a Geo - fence. Whenever your vehicle is outside this specific area the device will send SMS alarm to the authorized numbers.

Its voice monitoring feature is an added advantage for the users. Any of the authorized number (SOS number) calls the device, the device will enter into monitoring status and further the caller can monitor the surrounding sound of the device. The device also sends the Google link of the located GPS position. Later you can watch that google link to google map.
Rs. 7,000/-

  • Network: GSM frequency band/GPRS/GPS sensitivity
  • Battery: Lithium battery, 2600mAh/3.7V
  • Dimension: 91.5 (L)*57.0(W)*24.0(H)
  • Weight:100g
  • User manual
  • SOS button (authorized numbers)
  • Anti-theft alarm

  • Tracking/positioning/monitoring
  • SMS alert if there is any risk of theft or else
  • Geo-fence: specific area alert of your vehicle
  • Emergency call button: to give your exact location during an emergency to the numbers you have authorized.
  • Defense status signal through three LEDs.
  • Covert tracking by spy agents
  • For the security of your vehicle
  • Fleet management
  • Personal usage for the security of relatives, kids and other loved ones